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About Key English | TOEFL Vocabulary

The best way to learn vocabulary is to start with the most common words. Key English | TOEFL Vocabulary will teach you the most frequent words in Academic, TOEFL and IELTS English texts.

• Written by a professional Academic English Instructor.
• Learn the words, their definitions AND example sentences to see how they are used in context.
• Follow your progress and save your data to the cloud.
• Game mode with leveling system will help keep you motivated.
• Synonyms help you learn words in groups.
• Multiple choice, spelling, synonym and grammar games give you confidence!
• Save difficult words to view and play games with later.
• Important vocabulary lessons teach you how to study.
• Examples and definitions are carefully prepared for English learners.
• No annoying logins or internet connection needed!
• Includes important vocabulary for essay writing.

The app is totally free and there are no ads. If you wish to support my work, then you can send a donation through the app. Many thanks!

About the developer

My name is Sam and I am an Academic English teacher. I have found that my students often are able to understand new words, but find it difficult to use them in the correct situations. I decided to write this app to not only teach students the most important academic words, but also help them know how and when to use them. Consequently, the dictionary entries contain definitions AND example sentences written at a level of English that learners can understand.

Spelling, synonyms and grammar is all covered for each word to help students remember what they learn.

Happy learning!

the Best thank you so much ....
Levani Abesadze