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About Companion for BDO

An unofficial app providing timers, calculators, databases and other tools for Black Desert Online.

Current Features
- Cooking, Alchemy, Processing & Workshop Database (recipe calculator, bookmarks)
- Ingame Timers
- Enhancement Calculator
- Horse Breeding Calculator
- Market Calculator
- Enhancement Chart
- Grinding Chart
- Horse Chart
- Ingame Map

The only feature that requires an active internet connection is the ingame map.

Current Languages
- English, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, French, Chinese
Used language can be changed within the app.

Notifications are not working?
Try to disable battery optimizations for the app!
General steps are: Settings > Apps > Special Access > Battery Optimizations > All Apps (Dropdown) > Untick the App.

Improvements and more tools are in the works, so don't miss the updates!

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Companion for BDO (PRO)

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This tool helps in all aspects of BDO
Shadeycharactor Livewire
Awesome 👌
Cyn S
Has everything I need to supplement the game. Well made, well played 👏
David T