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A Common Lisp REPL with command line and history, plus a simple editor with syntax highlighting, simple visual paren-matching, basic auto-completion, a file dialog for opening/saving files, and a simple debug dialog.
It uses the ECL implementation for the Lisp side, and Qt5/QML for the UI.

A (patched) Slime is included, and Quicklisp is trivial to install (see command :h for help).
For more information, please see the READMEs in the project repository.

This is an Open Source project, see

KNOWN ISSUE: if you want ssl support, you'll need either a clean install, or you study 'examples/REPL/' section 'OpenSSL' on the website.

This is the best thing since sliced butter
Why Yes
This is seriously well made. Reeks professionalism anywhere you look at. AMAZING work, thank you!
MarĂ­a Magdalena Mixuhca
Loved the app so much. And the best part is that it is open source
Junaid Ashraf