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About eLearning - MPT

The main objective of Learning Management System is to -

Display training announcement
Learn advanced technologies continuously via Online
Participate in teaching “organization’s common workflow process” via LMS by other teams
Collaboration students-to-students and students-to-trainers.
Determine type of training by interest level
Now, we are providing learning and knowledge sharing opportunities to our employees throughout the country by launching Learning Management System (LMS) –

MPT training center, previously known as Telecommunications and Postal Training Center (TPTC) has been as the MPT training facility in developing Human Resources of Telecommunication sector.

It was established in 1968 for conducting courses especially to Radio Operators and Engineering Supervisors.

Since 1977, there was a series of (4) consecutive projects under UNDP/ITU Programme for promoting MPT’s training facilities and it was successfully completed in 1993.