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About TKD Scoring WiFi Client

This application needs the TKD Scoring Wi-Fi SERVER application (Mobile Server) to be install in a different mobile(s) or Tablet to compute and display the score; the server application is available for free download too.

This is just the Referee controller (Wi-Fi CLIENT) for TKD Scoring Wi-Fi System. Please note the server has to be downloaded too and started in a different mobile or tablet in order to use this controller.

This application DOES NOT require internet connection. Either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies existing in your mobiles will allow the mobiles to connect wireless and communicate to each other.

The revolution of Mobile Wireless Technology is changing Taekwondo World again and as most of us already know "The referee of the feature is a wireless referee.” Your sparring class need this technology and you can be part of this revolution.

The controller requires the server in order to be used; the server is available for download for free.
There are two versions of the servers.
- TKD Wi-Fi Server for Android and
- TKD Wi-Fi Server for PC.
o All major platforms are supported by our PC version. (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix.)
o The PC version is available for free download from

TKD Scoring Wi-Fi system was created by Taekwondo people like you for any Taekwondo family members and we use the scoring system in all our classes, just like you.
This is a successful application in our Taekwondo sparring classes where our members described the application as “Holy crap this is incredible! This looks even more professional and easier to use than any of the programs I’ve ever seen used at official comps.” and “Hey ... just installed everything and it’s unreal! Everything works perfectly, looks great!” was encouraging us to make it public for all Taekwondo clubs in the world.

The first version was created few years ago to provide an effective, professional low cost solution with the same benefits and feeling experience, or even providing a better experience than any existing wired professional tournament solution. The scope of this solution was to allow our grandmasters, masters, students and parents to setup on a spot and at any time in any place where our classes were a sparring tournament in no time and with the lowest possible cost ever.
Taekwondo sparring fuels our passion and making the application better and simple is our passion. If you are reading this document we assume you already know what Taekwondo sparring is, and as most of us you know that in Taekwondo sport tournaments each kick and punch should count.

This application is not just a new sparing scoring system or just any scoring system. It was created from the necessity of a low cost solution for small clubs like the ones where we used to train too. It was created to help Taekwondo community, to promote Taekwondo sparing and to resolve the biggest issue of the day for all Taekwondo clubs.

Like any scoring system the “TKD Scoring Wi-Fi” system has a few basic components:
• TKD Scoring Wi-Fi Server
• TKD Scoring Wi-Fi Client
• TKD Scoring Wi-Fi Remote Score Display

The PC version (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) is available for download for free from:

For more setup details please see:

I once forget the Wi-Fi client server now Its not working Tell me how to improve please
B'boyz Taekwondo
Sorry... how can I buy the full version ??
affendy bernardo
A Google user