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About EveryParent


By Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County


The EveryParent App offers those parenting in Palm Beach County (FL) a unique, local resource full of tips, info and spot-on advice personalized for their families.

For those raising children ages 0-18, EveryParent …
· Prepares parents for upcoming milestones and key moments in their child’s life.
· Connects parents with local experts when they have a particular question or concern.
· Helps track your child’s growth and allows you to save priceless memories on your child’s digital timeline.

Great tool for parents!
John Bartosek
Wow! Really helpful information, resources, & professional guidance. This site alerts me to things I can use to protect & guide, my now, teen. It is a quick read of condensed info. If I want/need more detail...
Kate Holster
Mcdonalds @an con artist?
Manuel Sedillo