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About Omer Counter

Get Omer reminders, Omer blessings, daily meditations and more.
Never miss counting the Omer with up to three smart daily reminders.
Keep track of your count with the Omer Count Log.
See how much time remains for each day’s count.
Add meaning to your Omer count with daily meditations.
Not a Hebrew reader? The prayer text including the blessing are also available in English.
Learn to read the blessing like a pro with our interactive Omer Prayer Trainer.
Plus: Quick start guide to Omer, insights and more.

Sefiras HaOmer is now easier than ever!
(Sefira or Sefirah means counting in Hebrew)

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My go-to for counting the Omer.
Bob Williams
Thank you chabads
yehonathancy n
J.Joseph Ami-Ga'
The best ti do the count of the Omer. Perfect.
Humberto Portelles
Works great! I'm hopelessly forgetful so this counter is perfect for me. Hebrew font is nice, easy to read.
Melinda Gottfried
Very helpful reminder notification, maybe the first time I've remembered to count every day. My only concern is the type is so small, making it hard to read. I accidentally discovered that turning the phone ...
Marcie L