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About [email protected]

[email protected] is an enhanced version of the Pocket Code app which has been adapted and boosted for the education domain.

As a school, please register on to receive complimentary accounts for your teachers and students.

The objective of the [email protected] app is to utilize characteristics of game design, game and project based learning, and collaboration through working on projects in selected curricula areas.

This app is the result of the Horizon 2020 European project “No One Left Behind” (NOLB).

For improving the usability, accessibility, applicability of the app, and for decreasing the complexity of the Catrobat programming language, several improvements have been considered and integrated in this new version:

Accessibility preferences within the settings menu
Predefined profiles to unlock the app for students with special needs
Predefined templates to help students to start with their first programs without any prior knowledge; therefore 4 templates were integrated (9 more templates will follow at the beginning of 2017):
- Action template
- Adventure template
- Puzzle template
- Quiz template

A login is required to use all functionalities of the app. Five schools which are part of our NOLB project received special credentials for their students. This is necessary because all actions performed within the app (e.g., create a new program, use a template, create an object, etc.) are tracked and bound to one username (anonymised). This allows us to define certain learning achievements and parameters for teachers. In the future we will create dashboards out of these data which should help teachers to evaluate their students’ projects.

Project website: