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About Metronome Expert

Why use Metronome Expert?

Metronome Expert is the professional choice for the most demanding musicians. Improve your timing and to practice sync to a beat. Simple and easy to use, it contains a wide variety of features and a powerful and stable time engine. This metronome is an essential tool to train your skills. It includes audible clicks, an easy use small drum machine, pace detection, vibration and presets management.

The main features of Metronome Expert are:

- Excellent accuracy and designed to keep in time, thanks to one of the most precise beat making.
- Fine tempo tuning from 40 to 900bpm
- Easy time signature definition through the Patterns Panel: emphasis beats, standard beats, silences. The Patterns Panel allows to define beat subdivisions per bar (triplet, quarter, quintuplet, sextuplet, eight, sixteenth, etc.) as well as irregular rhythm patterns.
- Tap at the desired tempo and the app will detect the pace.
- Visual beat indication on the Pattern Panel at the current beats per minute.
- Vibration at the desired rate. Different vibration for accented and standard pulses.
- Save, load and delete your own presets or configurations.
- 6 different HQ stereo sounds available: classic metronome (mechanical sound), modern metronome, Hi Hat, Drum, Beep and Indian Tabla.
- Suitable for any instrument: piano, guitar, organ, violin, etc.
- Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Korean (experimental).

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richand sales
This app helps me with keeping my rythem better while playing trombone but I would like it to be easier to find the speed we need 😀
Kirsten Stew
i love it
jimmy wolf