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About Animal Help Now

Animal Help Now directs anyone in the UNITED STATES who encounters a WILDLIFE EMERGENCY to the closest, most appropriate help, 24/7. Use it for orphaned or injured wildlife, stranded marine animals, etc. Provides immediate access anywhere in the United States to wildlife rehabilitators, rescues, and hotlines, as well as veterinarians who treat wildlife.

Animal Help Now now also directs anyone in the U.S. who is experiencing a WILDLIFE CONFLICT to the closest, most appropriate help. AHNow quickly and easily connects you with humane wildlife consultants and operators so that you can find cruelty-free assistance for pigeons in your attic, skunks under your porch, and the like.

Animal Help Now also provides guidance on how to handle a DOMESTIC ANIMAL EMERGENCY (lost cat, neglected dog, starved horses, etc.).

The service's Resources page provides additional information, including preparing for and responding to disasters.

Animal Help Now empowers you to help injured and distressed wildlife anywhere in the country.

Note: Those of you with Android 6.0 or above must accept the various permissions to download the app, but you may revoke those permissions at any time (through your Settings app). Animal Help Now takes your privacy very seriously. We're not here to collect or trade names or make money. Most of us are vols, and we're all here to help animals.

Geographic Area: U.S.A.

Wise, educated, useful & much needed info to help animals can be found well as where/how to locate licensed, experienced rehabbers near you. As a member of the inexperienced general public, you ma...
Trisha Hockensmith
Wonderful app...I've used it several times to help injured pets. Highly recommend!
Evelyn Pinney
I've had to use the emergency help for my area a couple of times already since adding it. Its wonder. List places that can help and phone numbers. Offers great advice. Everyone should have this app!
Nathan Clipper Webb