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About JUST

Created by players for players!

JUST was created by famous football players from large sport clubs in Eastern Europe and professional scouts as a tool to solve the problems faced by professional sport and eSport leagues, clubs, teams and players, connecting them together in one ecosystem.

JUST also gives sport and eSport schools perfect opportunity to search young talents and arrange the school application process, as well as beginner sportsmen can also apply for the favorite club’s school without any intermediaries.

JUST application includes the following features:
- creation of player profile;
- creation of guild, team or club profile;
- player career growth system;
- opportunity to upgrade profile from amateur to pro and vice versa;
- unique search for clubs and players by an intelligent selection system;
- search for sport schools by the club name;
- application for joining sport clubs, teams and schools;
- candidates application management system;
- private chats with the a player for managers and teams/guilds founders;
- creation of system of contacts and subscriptions with teammates;
- сreation and management of clubs and teams by managers and participants,
and lots of other unique opportunities for professional and amateur sports and gaming.

Search and join the team of your dream!
Start your sport career with JUST!
Search players for your team!

Now available:
Classical sports:
- Soccer;
- Basketball;
- Hockey;
- Volleyball;
- Baseball;
- American football;
- Cricket and more 60+ popular sport disciplines.

- League of Legends;
- Dota 2;
- Counter-Strike: Go;
- Overwatch;
- Apex Legends;
- Rocket League;
- Fortnite;
- Heroes of the Storm and more 80+ popular games.

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