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About Restaupos Point of Sale - POS System

RESTAUPOS POS – Restaurant Point of Sale

RESTAUPOS POS point of sale system instead of a cash register is a full-featured In Flight point of Sale Device, affordable Point of Sale with Business Management tools - saving time and money & Stock Control.

ANDROID Simplicity+ WIRELESS technologies + INTUITIVE interface = easiest to learn, most powerful POS available.

- Full Featured Business Tools -
Designed to accommodate restaurant chains as well as individual mobile food trucks, nightclubs and coffee shops or pizzeria , RESTAUPOS POS IS full-featured restaurant POS App and continues to lead the revolution in innovation and integration.

With detailed reports, wireless printing , RESTAUPOS POS is much more than an App. It is a smart, complete solution that fulfills a wide range of Point of Sale needs.


• Easy to Learn – simple, intuitive interface
• No Contracts –
• Language Packs – translations available
• Mobile and Wireless - Increased efficiency and sales

Using this App, your Restaurant staff can place orders, perform customer checkouts, email receipts and more. The sleek and user-friendly interface allows you to take and send orders and perform guest checkouts wirelessly throughout the restaurant or your coffee shop. This eliminates the need to run tickets to the kitchen which allows for more server time at the table – which leads to higher sales

RESTAUPOS POS allows you to turn your tablet or Smartphone POS, Mobile POS as a affordable point of Sale system.


- Work in offline mode
- Manage table, categories, item and kitchen note .
- Multi kind of taxes
- Synchronization you backup on or cloud secure server with one click
- Dine in, takeout and delivery
-Split or Transfer order
- Create an order and Complete at later time
-Number of people
- Order saved automatically

- Assign taxes on items
- the possibility of partial payment by cash or card
-Split Payment
- multiple tax options
- register a sale without typing a single word
- Email Text Receipts
- Work with most printers


Supports an unlimited number of receipt or kitchen printers,This feature lets
you define at the item-level which station it gets routed to .Submit order , and food orders
go to the kitchen, drink orders go to the bar. Send any item to anywhere, automatically


* Payment Report
* Period Sales
* Daily Time Clock Details
* Employee Revenue Summary
* sales reports by categories ,users ; sequence
* Category Amount Report
* send report

At the end of a working day the last thing you want to do is sit down with all your paper
bills and calculate your business performance
Restaupos offers a comprehensive reporting through the back office to instantly generate
report in real time. You also have the ability to filter and analyse individual performance
Restaupos is a pos system : Easy,simple,fast,No cloud and no lock in your data is private.-----

RESTAUPOS is also referred as

No Cloud Point of sale system (formerly Cash Register)

Restaurant POS point of sale app Affordable as Bar Point of Sale, Cafe POS ,Restaurant POS , Bakeshop Point of Sale , Truck food POS
, Pizzeria or PIZZA POS, Tablet POS or Mobile POS System

You don’t need to be an
IT guy to get started with Restaupos the easy cash register for restaurant bar or pos system for food truck
Do what you’re passionate about and leave the rest to us

Cash register is easy to Setup your Menu items in the pos system for restaurant (Point of Sale application ) , Organize products by category,you can Update menu at Anytime.
Restaupos is a restaurant business pos system android solution is for restaurant owners by restaurant owners so you end up with the
best dynamic point of sale system and flexible solution for cash register and pos system

If you like the app then please give us a good rating.

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Muhammad Haseeb Ijaz
Love it
Love how it is set up, but personally would prefer a more direct cash register appearance. Love how I can adjust the sales price, asks for every customers name, phone #, address, & even email address. Would ...
krenar spahiu
Hi will this app work on a Amazon 5th gen tablet ?
Mike Haldalson