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About Volume Profiles

This is an app to create and set basic volume profiles on your device, you know, how the basic old phones used to do. It comes with 5 default profiles (which can easily be deleted, or modified if needed). You can add your own profiles at any time by using the app, or select a profile to use from the widget, Quickset Widget, or Quick Setting Tile (Android 7+). This app is just for manual profile selection only, as adding in timers, and automated settings makes the app bigger, and slower, and reduces battery life. My aim with this app is to keep it as light weight as possible, and just do the job it sets out to do.

** The app will now ask for Do Not Disturb permissions if it does not currently have it, this is needed to control volumes when the phone is muted for Android M and above. **

** This app is free from any form of ads, tracking software, analytics, etc. I don't need to know how you use the app, and I'm not going to push any ads on to you either. I keep my code clean, and free of mess to keep it as lean and fast as possible.

** Due to some of the restrictions of various versions of the Android operating system, I have only included volume levels as they should work on all versions. Only System volumes can be adjusted with this app. Other applications that do not use system volumes cannot be controlled with this app, and neither can vibration settings

** Look and Feel of this application is dependent on the version of Android OS you are running.

** Quick Setting Tile only available on Android 7+

How to use the app:
To select a profile for use, add the widget to your home screen. Then press the widget, a list of all your profiles will appear, then simply select the profile you wish and it will be set.

To add, or edit, a profile:
open up the app from the app drawer, and click the add button to add a profile, or just select a profile from the list to edit it. Whilst in edit mode you can move the currently selected profile up and down the list to re-order and sort the list.

To delete a profile:
open up the app from the app drawer, then select any of the profiles and select "Delete" then confirm at the deletion popup.

**The current (or last selected) profile is now marked with an asterisk (*)

This application uses no background services, only runs when you use it, and is made as simple as possible so it will run on any device without slowing down. If you experience any issues with this app, please send me an email and I will fix the issues ASAP. Also please feel free to email suggestions for the app or any new apps that you would like to see available.

Volume Profiles was awarded the “App of The Day” by MyAppFree, between 13 June 2020 and 15 June 2020!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my app.

Copyright DevignCode 2012-Current.

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