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About Riposte for fencing referees

Application for refereeing fencing. Keeps track of score, time, period and cards.

Clean interface free of clutter. Most screen elements can be pressed to activate and pressed+held to undo.

Example: tapping the score increments it and pressing and holding subtracts a touch.

Has many different type of bouts: 5, 10, 15, team, best 2 of 3, 15 touch sabre as well as custom length.

Most features can be turned on/off in settings to customize to your liking.

These can all be turned on or off in the settings:

Automatic 1 minute rest between periods.
Beep and vibrate to confirm events.
Pause bout on score.
Display fencer's names.
Increment opponents score on a red card.
Display score +/- buttons if you'd prefer that over the press/hold method.

Does everything I need to do as a working ref.
Maggie Brasted
Excellent app! Option to enter all team member names at once would be my only suggestion for improvement.
Frank Franklin
Been using this app for years. Does pretty much everything I need it to do.
Aaron E