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About Think Up - Alexander Technique

This app will help you to practise the Alexander Technique during every-day activities like sitting, walking, running, computer work, driving, sleeping, music making and lying down in active rest. There are over 95 audio guides to choose from.

The following 10 categories are included in this app:
1. how to use this app + basic principles (5 audio guides)
2. lying down in active rest (12 audio guides)
3. daily warm-up (13 audio guides)
4. daily life activities (21 audio guides)
5. breath & voice (7 audio guides)
6. computer devices (7 audio guides)
7. travelling (7 audio guides)
8. music (12 audio guides)
9. sport (9 audio guides)
10. sleeping (5 audio guides)

Suppose you want to practise the Alexander Technique while riding your bike. Select the ‘travelling’ category and choose the ‘on the bike’ audio guide, put in your earphones and let yourself be guided in discovering greater ease of movement as you cycle.

Suppose you plan to work on your computer. Select the ‘computer devices’ category, choose the ‘desktop computer’ audio guide to get help releasing unnecessary tension while working at your computer.

You can opt to repeat the audio guide every 5 or 15 minutes, if you like to be reminded.
It is also possible to fast forward or rewind as you wish.

Often reported benefits of the Alexander Technique:
- relief and prevention of neck-back-shoulder-pain, joint pain and RSI
- more inner calm, less stress, less tension
- improved breathing
- more efficient and supple movements
- better learning and improved concentration
- more self confidence
- balanced, upright, tense-free posture
- improved performance in music, drama and sport

This app offers four free audio guides.
For access to the entire audio guide collection, subscribe for just 4,99 euro per month.

Have fun exploring….
and have fun creating new healthy habits for a lifetime!

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