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About Disconnect Your Pro Controller!

Gone are the days of “can the person who played on setup 15 please disconnect his or her Pro Controller”! This app allows you to easily disconnect your Pro Controller from a setup with the click of a button.

Current app features:
- Register/remember Bluetooth controllers
- Desync a controller with the tap of a button
- The ability to register multiple controllers (useful for if you want to use the app to
disconnect your Joycon)
Planned features for future updates:
- A home screen widget for even faster desyncing
- A TO mode that doesn’t need to save controllers so that a TO can help people
with disconnecting their controllers
- Randomized messages for successful desyncing because why not? 😃

This is app is not limited to just Pro Controllers, as you can use this to quickly disconnect your Joycon or any other wireless Bluetooth device you can think of!

Tested it out a couple times and it's really quick and easy. This is gonna save lives.
Sean A.
The only reason it has five stories is because it's so funny when you disconnect your friends controller kkk.
π π
Does what it says