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About Beekse Bergen

Make the most of your adventure with the Beekse Bergen app!

Do you fancy a day of fun at the Safari Park or Speelland? Or perhaps you want to prolong your safari experience with an overnight stay at the Holiday Park or Safari Resort Beekse Bergen. With this app you can choose any option and you will be provided with all the necessary information. Plot your route during your day out using a detailed map, discover everything about the animals in the Safari Park, decide which attraction you want to visit first at Speelland, and check the opening hours of all safaris, restaurants, souvenir shops, feed presentations and transport facilities.

If you are staying the night at Beekse Bergen and would like to book some add-on activities or make a change to your reservation, that is possible, too! You can manage your entire booking and all your added extras via the app. You can also check when your chosen means of transport will take you to your destination, or reserve a bowling alley!

Enjoy an adventure in the Dutch nature

Gisteren gebruikt tijdens de auto safari. Super leuk gedaan dat je tijdens het rijden informatie krijgt krijgt. Complimenten. Voegt absoluut iets toe aan de ervaring.
Don H
heel handig, very useful. klein minpuntje: de taalvoorkeur wordt niet opgeslagen. bij heropenen staat de app weer in de originele taal.
Mark van Seeters