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About DPR Smart Inspector

The DPR Smart Inspector app provides the Department of Petroleum Resources' Inspectors with the following benefits:

1. Adding efficiency and efficacy to inspection reporting (saving time in writing reports).

2. Help in data capturing i.e No need for paper writing/ reduction of carbon foot prints.

3. Bringing credibility to inspections-:
- Date & time stamps for inspections carried out.
- Date & time stamps for pictures taken during inspection.
- Automatic GPS coordinates mapped for inspection locations/stations

4. Inspection report logged and can be viewed and properly monitored by supervisors.

5. Bringing efficiency and efficacy to License printing as data is pooled from the Smart inspector application.

6. Generate maps for all filling stations inspected.

7. Adding integrity to the database as data entry points are reduced.

8. Bringing integrity and credibility to DPR licenses.

Excellent app. The latest version fixes all the issues the original app had. It also has more inspection forms. Well done and keep it up
Tech Scorpion