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TREEDAY - makes my green day

TREEDAY makes living an eco-friendly lifestyle easy! Everything you need you can find in the APP. So, you can discover the most sustainable companies around you and their actions for the environment in a comprehensive manner. Moreover, you can track your green lifestyle and take a look at how we are changing the world together.

Find green
Wherever you are and whatever you need, it is only one click away. Now you can find the eco-friendliest companies close to you. Whether you are hungry or looking for new clothes or stylings. Even when you are refurnishing or building a house there is a sustainable alternative. TREEDAY shows where you can find the right solution.

Sustainable at a glance
The question shouldn’t be IF a company is sustainable but rather HOW sustainable it is. Therefore, we have designed a scientific rating system that shows the extent of sustainability on a range from 1 to 100. Additionally, all green activities are published in a sustainability report, the TREEDAY REPORT©. So they are easily comprehensible for everybody.

Be environmentally friendly
Most people think that they can not change anything on their own. TREEDAY convinces you of the contrary by letting you evaluate your actions. If you for example take public transportation, eat vegetarian or even vegan you safe CO2 emissions. The App transforms that information into „Treeds“. A TREED is synonymous to the amount of CO2 that a tree converts per day.
As a result, you not only see how many trees you spare but also how much we achieve together

TREEDAY rewards sustainable users
The more sustainable your life, the more „Treed Coins“ you will be collecting. These can be exchanged for coupons or discounts to use with green companies (in the near future))

Very important app for social change
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