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About Fishbowl Mania

Drop your ball and catch the fish!

Extremely exciting and simple gameplay, based on real physic. No rig.

Just you and Lady Luck.


Pick your bet then start a game. Tap anywhere to drop a ball one by one. Once the ball falls into the fishbowl, you get a prize. And you're ready to drop another ball or start a new game.

Game is Over when you're out of balls.

--Streak Ball--

Once you hit 2 or more fishbowls in a row, you'll get a Streak Ball which increases prizes in other fishbowls around. And provides you with 1 more FREE ball to drop.


Once you hit the lower centred fishbowl you'll get a MultiBall which gives you an opportunity to drop 3 balls simultaneously.

--Combo Lines--

Once you hit a specific line of fishbowls, you'll get a huge multiplied Prize.

Big Win and Huuuge Win are special bonuses.
that increase every time you drop a ball.
Prize increases until one day you take it.

Thanks for playing!

Please contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]