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About Pocket Note Pro - a new type of notebook

Would you like to make your smartphone or tablet PC into a useful business tool?
Pocket Note Pro is a notepad application specially designed for the business scene.
With Pocket Note Pro, you can quickly put your ideas together by a straightforward, simple operation.

1.We provided grid lines and horizontal ruled lines on the notepad to make it easier to organize what you write down.
 And when you don't need a grid or horizontal lines, you can choose "blank".

2.You can input either manually or from the keyboard.
 For manual input, choose from 2 pens, "regular" or "thick", and an eraser.
 For pen size and color, choose from 20 sizes and 25 colors.

3.You can paste up to 20 photos on each page.

4.You can paste a map.
 With a map, you can do the following:
 - You can display your current position on the map using GPS.
 - By continuously pressing down at a given location on the map, you can place a pin at the location.
By inputting a name or address, you can place a pin at that location.
You can also specify the zoom factor as you wish.

5.By pasting figures and lines, you can display your notes graphically.
 For figures, choose from rectangles, triangles or circles.
 You can specify their size and shape freely. Lines may be with or without arrows.
 For figures and lines, choose from 25 different colors.

6.You can save your notes as an image or a PDF file.
 You can do the following:
  - Print them out with a printer.
  - Save them as images or PDF files.
  - Attach them to emails as images or PDF files.
  - They can be uploaded as images to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Evernote, Flickr, Line, etc.
   (If these applications are installed.)
7.Notes can be organized into groups.
 Several groups can be set for each note.
 Notes can be displayed by group, or by modified date.


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