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About Jagaimo Stickers for WhatsApp

Stickers galore! 🎉🥳🎉
Jagaimo the Potato is back with the cutest sticker pack for WhatsApp! All stickers are beautifully hand-crafted, exclusively, and only available in this app. This is not just the next simple WAStickersApp! This is an exquisite selection of WhatsApp stickers, ready to impress your friends. Never send a message without adding the perfectly fitting sticker! -This sticker pack has stickers for all situations:
Let's say, you've just cracked the best joke ever - garnish it with Jagaimo's super grinning sticker face. 😁
Let's say you've just grown a beard but are scared to send a photo to your friends - then send the potato with the beard! Everyone will love you! 🧔
Let's say you've just bought an awesome Katana sword? - Let everyone know by sending Jagaimo with a Katana in his hands! 🔪
Let's say you've just met the perfect girl or boy and want to start things fast: Send Jagaimo with a big heart in his hands. Your significant other will want to be with you forever! 💘
You see? - There are stickers for all situations you will ever come across. Ditch all other sticker packs - this is THE ONE! 100% Guaranteed! ✔️

📥 Download Jagaimo Stickers for WhatsApp now! - 100% free, exclusive content, made by hand, only for you!