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About Intello X

Unparalleled favorite system for Ingress Intel map makes location switching a breeze!

Intello X presents easy access to Intel map locations in seconds. With access to any location in any zoom level, use Intello X for your Ingress Intel OPs.

=== FEATURES ===
✔ Launch Intel map at current user location
✔ Search locations worldwide for easy access
✔ Search predictions using autocomplete
✔ Tap mic for voice recognition search
✔ Set distance on search predictions (X+)
✔ Support Ingress URL with drawn links / fields
✔ Launch Ingress URL via Intent system calls
✔ Intel quickstart on notification drawer
✔ Intel tile on Quick Settings (Android 7+ only!)
✔ Optionally run Intel map in fullscreen mode
✔ Set preferred Intel display (mobile / fs)
✔ Switch display to full for easy missions access
✔ Unlimited search history (device limit only!)
✔ Add most used locations to favorites
✔ Add Intel screenshot to location entries
✔ Add any image incl. camera to a location
✔ Filter selected favorites by label (X+)
✔ Create an unlimited number of labels (X+)
✔ Set preferred sort order of favorites & history
✔ Update location & address directly on Intel
✔ Set preferred map zoom level on locations
✔ Set preferred default map zoom level
✔ 3D Touch style "peek" on screenshot & cards
✔ Optionally set preferred location name
✔ Add multi-line notes (field OPs) to favorites
✔ Share Ingress location / notes to anyone
✔ Calculate distance & elevation to location
✔ OpenStreetMap / Google Earth of location
✔ Google Street View with map (X+)
✔ Navigate with Google Maps
✔ Navigate with Sygic, Uber or Waze (X+)
✔ Navigate with any Geo app available (X+)
✔ Set type of transport (Google Maps only!)
✔ Export one or all locations to KML (X+)
✔ Easy backup & restore of SQLite database
✔ Ingress, Enlightened & Resistance themes
✔ Access to 19 freshly colorful themes (X+)
✔ Transparent wallpaper background (X+)
✔ DayNight theme based on time of day (X+)
✔ Android 7+ & Samsung multi-window support
✔ Extended aspect ratio support for 18:x dev.
✔ Norwegian, Swedish & Russian translation

Support multiple localizations, need translators!

=== X+ (PRO) ===

Intello X is using stock code without any modification hence not breaking any TOS :-)

=== FEEDBACK ===
Your feedback is very much welcome!
Do you have any ideas making Intello X a better app? Any nasty bugs to report?
Please get in touch!

Developer email: [email protected]

=== PRIVACY ===
To make Intello X even better, Google Analytics is used to anonymously track usage data within the app. This includes number of times it is launched, session duration and what features being most used. No personal information is ever collected and or stored!

You may opt out of Analytics at any time via Settings / Privacy

=== ADS ===
This app has no ads!


Ingress and Niantic Labs are owned by Google. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google or Niantic in any way.

Andrew dalambakis
Great, maps work great, not much lag but its better than anything else i downloaded.
jordyn veiszer
Nice 1
Hans Liivsoo