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About Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords)

Codewords Pro is an app to play Codewords (also known as Codebreaker), a popular word game similar to crosswords. It features several hundred free puzzles as well as 2 daily puzzles.

Codewords puzzles are similar to crosswords, but instead of clues, each letter has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26, and you need to figure out which letter each number represents.

Features :
- Several levels of difficulty, from beginner to very hard
- A mix of grid styles : american, french, italian, ... (the difference is in the way the black squares are placed)
- 2 new puzzles every day
- Several languages available
- Many settings to customize the features and the look and feel of the grid

Very enjoyable gets the brain working
marilyn hutchinson
Not too hard, learning new words here :) Not so easy as to get boring, not so hard that it would be frustrating. I really like this 😎
Nash Carter
Live tgis game, gets the grey matter working, minimal ads
Alexandra Martin