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About Privacy Scanner (AntiSpy) Pro

Privacy Scanner Antispy Pro: The professional mobile anti spyware app

Are you worried about being spied by your boss, (boy/girl) friend, spouse, friends or someone else?

Nowadays, if someone got at least one minute or even less on your phone, he/she can install a cell spy program, like parental control apps, on your phone easily.

Privacy Scanner AntiSpy was created to check your smartphone whether you are really being spied on.
It detects Parental Control apps (stalkerware) and Anti-Theft apps, which might be misused to spy on you, using GPS-Track technologies, receive and send sms, read your contacts, read your call history, reads your calendar and so on...

As of 2020-07-17 Privacy Scanner AntiSpy Pro detects more than 3,700 spy and surveillance apps (stalkerware) and anti-theft apps!

+ Daily scheduled scanning (if activated)
+ Detects some variants of SpyBubble, eBlaster Mobile, UonMap Spy, variants of Skygofree, parental control apps and many more surveillance apps
+ Scans for apps using suspicious permissions (like reading SMS, read your contacts, access audio, access your location and so on)
+ Optionally scan using heuristics to detect uncommon and unknown and new spy apps.
+ Advanced heuristic engine v2.0, to detect more new and unknown spy apps and stalker apps (if activated)
+ Advanced heuristic engine v2.0, to detect malicious apps pretending to be a system service (if activated)
+ Detects newly installed apps (if activated)
+ Search for insecure phone settings (if activated)
+ Detailed description of found spy/surveillance/stalker app
+ Detects anti-theft apps, which might be misused to spy on you (if activated)
+ Detects spy apps from Playstore and other sources (if activated)
+ Detect apps listed as Device Administrator (if activated)
+ Search for apps not installed through Playstore (if activated)
+ Check if your device is rooted (if activated)
+ Customize if you want to include popular apps
+ Add apps to your personal ignore list and remove apps from your personal ignore list
+ Shows date and time of the last scan.
+ Compatible with Anti-Virus apps
+ Simple design
+ Updates using Playstore
+ Support the ongoing development
+ Please activate automatic updating for Privacy Scanner Pro


Trust in more than 8 years of experience in creating anti-stalker software (we started 2012).

If you like this app please give it a good rating. Thank you.

Installation notice:
This app will be installed on phone memory to enable daily scheduled scanning!

In case the app does not save settings, please uninstall the app and install it again.

In case the app crashes while scanning, please try to deactivate the virus scan under Settings-Scanner-Include_malware/viruses.

This app is not an anti virus app, but it intents to detect spyware apps and so called stalkerware.

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Good app with no trackers and no internet permission
User Name
This is a great app it can't be removed even though some systems on my Samsung phone tried to remove it it even said that it was uninstalled but it was still installed and it searched out at they go for sett...
Robert Tullai sr
so far so good
Joe Breen