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About EUC World

This application allows you to manage your electric unicycle. You can configure your unicycle by setting speed limits, toggle lights, activating horn.You can check your speed, battery level, motor load and energy efficiency. You can track your tours, as well as share it with your loved ones and friends. Alarms and voice prompts will help you to stay aware, safe and have a pleasant ride. Works with all modern King Song, Gotway, Inmotion, Solowheel, Ninebot and Rockwheel EUCs. Include companion app for Wear OS smartwatches, also works with Pebble watch.

Dude ! Seriously this is masterpiece !
Thomas Viard
So much better than any manufacturer app. one problem: can't change speed correction. Author: help! Is always grey. I am a supporter.
brian bulkowski
Best EUC app ever
shon connelly