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About With the Qur'an (مع القرآن) - Memorization Tool

Designed by Hifz experts and renowned Qur'an educators.

Unique Features of With the Qur’an App

From Huffaz, to Huffaz: ‘With the Qur’an’ app was conceived by people who themselves went through the process of hifz. This app contains features that are outcomes of practical experience in learning and teaching Qur’an in various Qur’an memorization centers in Saudi Arabia, especially in the Qassim province. The result is: the time tested techniques of memorization of Qur’an now has a computational assistant.

The Mushaf – As You ‘Touch’ It: Yes, you can now digitally touch the same mushaf pages that you touch physically. For the first time, With the Qur’an app now allows users to interact with the exact same pages of the widely used Madani mushaf, Alhamdulillah! The handwritten* Madani mushaf was never before made ‘digitally touchable’ at the word level. Thanks to the advanced computational algorithms, With the Qur’an users will feel that they are holding the same mushaf that they physically hold. This unique feature makes the app ‘naturally appealing’ to any student of the Qur’an.

Personalized Mushaf – Digitized: Everyone trying to learn and memorize the Qur’an ends up having a mushaf full of his/her notes, marks, ideas and comments. With the Qura’n app allows almost the same tagging capability that are possible with the real printed mushaf. Using years of research in image processing, the exact same pages of Madani mushaf can be tagged at the word and ayah level.

Personalized Digital Tutor: Everyone trying to memorize the Qur’an has his/her own difficulties and challenges. Certain ayahs seem difficult to memorize, certain words seem hard to pronounce or some ayahs seem easy to confuse! With the Qur’an is a gift from huffaz to huffaz. The app allows to tag words or ayahs, with a tagging list coming directly from the experience of highly competent Qur’an teachers. The personalized tagging allows the app to act like a tutor. Unique test scenarios can be generated for each user, testing both hifz and tajweed.

A lot more features are coming, in-sha-Allah. The current version gives an idea of what is possible in a digital hifz companion. If Allah wills, we will bring you a lot more feature in With the Qur’an app that will further enhance the learning process of the Noble Qur’an.

And Allah is the source of success.


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Maa Sha Allah.. Amazing App..
Sheik Masthan
Ma Sha Allah! I think it's the best app for Memorizing Al-Quran .Hope that some more features like revision plan & hifz plan with chart or daily routine will be included. May Allah grant & bless "With the Qu...
Tabassum Afia
والله ربنا يجزيكم كل خييير، بجد شكرا❤❤
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