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About 留览器™ - The Unofficial 6park Reader

Makes the familiar PC version of 6park easier to read on your phone. Since it's unofficial, we'd really appreciate if you report any breakage instead of giving a low rating.

This app is ad supported. However there's no ad where it counts: in full-screen image or video modes (We are not responsible for any advertisement that may be in those images or videos).

* Fast (under similar Internet connection).

* NEW dark mode with completely black background saves battery, and your eyes.

* Familiar full-screen image browsing mode, similar to WeChat and WhatsApp. Double-tap on any image to enter this mode. Further double-taps zoom in and out of an image. Single-tap to show system controls, particularly the Back button which allows you to exit full-screen mode.

* Keeps a history of all posts you have read.

* Old-school user interface that's clear and easy to use.

* Respects your privacy, no unnecessary permission required.

* Supports browsing and reading of most 6park communities and forums.

* NO support for reading posts that require login at the moment.

* NO support for posting and replying at the moment.

Known Issues:
* The app may quit abruptly when browsing large images in full-screen mode on a phone with limited system memory (note that this is different from free storage space). Simply relaunch the app and get back to browsing.

Very convenient to use
Weining Cheng
Best 6park app.
Jayson Tang
Excellent for 6park web pages
Kevin L