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About me.time (My Little Memory Box)

me.time: My alone time where I can relieve stress and recharge my energy.
“We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.”
- Lynn Hall.

"me.time" is a simple diary/journal app that helps you figure out who you are, and what makes you 'you.'

It's especially recommended,
if you always add "keeping a diary" on your New Year's resolution but can't keep at it through February or,
if you're not sure where you are in your life right now or,
if you've ever answered 100 questions about yourself or,
if you've ever reminisced about your past reading through your journals.

# me.time has 'questions.'
Questions that help you organize your thoughts and learn more about yourself will be offered every day.

# me.time has 'thoughts.'
You can see other people's thoughts on the same question and share yours.

# me.time is 'being yourself.'
By organizing your thoughts on questions repeating every year, you will find yourself being more 'yourself.'

This service includes In-app Purchase items, and a separate fee will be charged for purchase.

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Privacy Policy :

I've loved this app since 2017 and still am loving how it's helping me get my daily thoughts down. Two feature requests, please: (1) Is there any way through which users may share their thoughts only with pe...
Alice C
I useing this app…. idea is really fresh.. it will be complet if you add a privet journal options… that's we jort down our daily days or add our image, thoughs etc. 🙂
Maitrayee Sengupta
good app, it's nice to read what others are feeling and to know that I'm not completely alone¡¡!:)
Samuel Ouellette