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About App Support

I summarized the functions that I think would be convenient if I could set them for each app.
Configure using the panel that appears in the notification area.

■Settings panel

・Screen orientation
You can forcibly change the screen orientation of apps and home screens whose screen orientation is fixed.

・Screen timeout
Keep screen on and disable screen timeout.

・Check Wi-Fi
Check the Wi-Fi connection when switching apps to prevent inadvertent mass communication.

・Assist app
You can set apps and shortcuts to launch when you press and hold the home button.

Force the app to restart.

■Other support

・Optimize brightness when unlocking

・Create shortcuts
Flashlight *
Volume control *
Brightness Min *
Brightness Fix *
Brightness Max *
Clean Memory *
Activity (deprecated)

* Can be placed on the quick settings panel of the device

■Manually run disable screen timeout
Long press the app icon and tap the shortcut that appears.
Disable screen timeout continues during manual execution instead of per app.
To exit, tap the shortcut again or tap Stop Notifications.

■About permissions
This app uses the following permissions to provide various services. Personal information will not be sent outside the app or provided to third parties.

・Post Notifications
Required to realize the main functionality of the app.

・Get list of apps
Necessary to obtain information about the running app and to implement the launcher function.

・Search for accounts on this device
You will need it when backing up your data to Google Drive.

Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles or damages caused by this app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What functions can be configured using the panel in the notification area?

Functions such as screen orientation, screen timeout, Wi-Fi check, assist app, and app restart can be configured using the panel in the notification area.

What can be optimized when unlocking?

The brightness can be optimized when unlocking.

What shortcuts can be created?

Shortcuts such as flashlight, volume control, brightness control, cleaning memory, file, and activity can be created.

How can I manually disable screen timeout?

By long pressing the app icon and tapping the shortcut that appears, screen timeout can be disabled manually for all apps.

What permissions does this app use?

This app uses permissions for post notifications, get list of apps, and search for accounts on the device.
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