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About CalJ Jewish Calendar

Cal-J is a Jewish calendar app featuring:

** Shabbat Times **
For any city of your choice. You can also register several locations in order to prepare for traveling or to read the Shabbat times of your relatives around the world.

** Dates of Holidays, for any year **
Cal-J is a perpetual calendar: no need to wait for next year's edition in order to prepare your vacations right now. Browse to any year in the future, and read all the dates you need.

** Cross-calendar date conversions (Jewish - Gregorian) **
So you can quickly look up any date. Need to know what was the Jewish date for June 5, 1931? CalJ helps you in just a few clicks.

** Zmanim (times) of the daily prayers **
No matter the date or location anywhere in the world: check beforehand from what time it is permitted to put Tefilin, or until what time you can daven Mincha, when to burn the Chametz, etc.

** Birkat haMazon, Siddur tefilat Arvit and Min'cha **
It is so easy to pull out one's smartphone to daven Min'cha, or to recite Birkat haMazon after a meal!
And for yet more comfort, CalJ highlights the special paragraphs for Chanuka, or Rosh Chodesh, etc. Never miss them again!

** Rosh Chodesh Reminders **
In order to light a candle, and not forget the special mentions in the Tefila.
Then, a few days later, CalJ offers to show the text for Birkat haLevana.

** Birthdays and Memorials (Yahrzeit) **
Record the date of birth of your relatives, and the Azcara date of your departed : CalJ will make the anniversaries appear in your calendar each year, with an optional alert.

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Excellent App. Have used it for years on successive phones. I got a new phone and couldn't use the App - Gabriel came back quick as a flash and provided the solution to get it working. When you match immedia...
Isaac Piha
Its seems good described i am going to use it thk u hve a good day
Fast and clear. Thanks a lot.
Lucy Valdezlovre
Uriel MaArav
Thank you so much
Samuel Reisman
Awesome app! Everything you need and then some. Tizku lmitzvos!
Etan Ogorek