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About Sleep Sounds - Relax Music and White Noise

Sleep sounds also called white noise can help you if you suffer from insomnia, tinnitus if you have trouble falling asleep.

App can help you relax and unwind and sleep more quickly and efficiently with these sounds to sleep.

Sounds / white noise for sleep

Some noises such as "white" noise or permanent background noise (splashing rain, waves, fan white noise, etc...) can help you fall asleep. A meaningless noise will not wake you up.

Available sleep sounds free and white noise

Our many sounds are classified into different sounds categories.

Rain sounds: Relax rain or heavy rain sound, rain on windows, rain on tents, rain on roof, thunder sound or rain on the car.
Nature's sounds: In nature we have sounds like waves, stream, waterfall noise, or the sound of the wind in the leaves.
Animals sounds: cat purring, seagull, frog, birds, crickets or owl.
Home noises: The usual noises that can be found in a house, such as a fan white noise, shower, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, clock or hair dryer.
Urban noises: Noise from outside such as crowds, construction, or traffic.
Transportation noises: The sounds of a train running on rails, browning in a plane, the subway, or a boat trip.
White Noises: Here you can find white noise, pink noise as well as brown noise.

100% offline sleep sounds :

You can leave the phone close by activating the aircraft mode, because it's 100% offline app.

When to use sleep sounds

👶 Calm and put baby to sleep crying baby
👍 Take a nap
👍 Deep sleep
👍 Relieve tinnitus
👍 Isolate yourself from a noisy environment
👍 Improve concentration
👍 Decrease insomnia
👍 Trouble to fall asleep
👍 Fall asleep fast in 2 or 3 minutes
👍 Eliminate anxiety and daily stress
👍 To facilitate falling asleep
👍 Meditation and relaxation seance

A reminder of the main advantages.
👍 Sleep sounds free and no ads.
👍 More than sixty free sounds available
👍 Improve the quality of sleep
👍 Shorten the time to fall asleep
👍 Soothing and relaxing sounds of high quality.
👍 Simple and aesthetic design.
👍 Dozens of presets of mixed sounds.
👍 Creating your own mixes.
👍 Timer - the app stops automatically.
👍 Sounds individually adjustable.
👍 Beautiful background images.
👍 White noise, pink noise and brown noise.
👍 Different rain sounds
👍 White noise app 💯% offline.

If you think any sounds are missing, don't hesitate to ask us at [email protected]

This is the only one I found that has the sound of the interior of a vintage propeller plane. A lot more buzzed than the jet sound. I get the propeller sound going with a nice rain in the background beating ...
Binyon H
100%best app
{Pastel } {Friends }
Best app for sleeping. After downloading this App, I want to sleep at day time also. A peaceful sounds.
Ismail Khan