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About BariBuddy

BariBuddy is an interactive app designed for you who are about to, or have already gone through bariatric surgery.
The purpose of BariBuddy is that it should be your Buddy. Through push notifications, you are reminded to eat, drink, take vitamins, track fluids, exercise, take medications and register your weight. This way you can feel confident in yourself before your gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The app is developed by doctors and dieticians with many years of experience.
In the app, you'll also get:
- Information on preparation for your surgery
- Opportunity to register your weight and follow your development in a weight curve.
- Possibility to take before- and after pictures
- Recipes that you can use the first postoperative weeks, as well as throughout your life after the operation. The recipes are labeled for protein content and allergies.
- A thorough and detailed questions and answers section.
- An Eating Speed Timer to time your meals and learn how to eat at the right speed
- Reminders to take your vitamins, eat your meals at regular intervals, drink fluids and exercise. You can edit the notification times to suit your daily life.
- A diary section where you can track your mood with emoticons, photo your meals, write notes and see a summary of your entered data.
- A report function that summarizes your results, and that you can share with your clinic.
We have chosen to skip the counting of calories, since the idea behind the surgery is for you to NEVER be ‘on a diet’ again. Doesn’t that sound good? This is where our Buddy enters the picture. It will help you establish good daily long term routines -without limiting your life.
BariBuddy suits you who are about to or have already gone through bariatric surgery. Even if it has been a long time since your operation the app can help you get the routines back on track.