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About Boxing iTimer

Boxing iTimer is the boxing timer for interval training. It can be used as Interval Timer for any other workout. This boxing timer app is popular on AppStore and now it is available for Android users.

Main features of the boxing timer:
- Lots of configurations
- Boxing timer works from background and even the the phone is locked
- Users can listen to music at the same time while boxing timer is active

Detailed features list of the boxing timer:
- Number of rounds is from 1 to 50
- Length of rounds is from 30 seconds to 20 minutes
- Length of breaks is from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
- Configurable notice before each round ending
- Configurable notice before break is over
- Screen never goes dimmed by itself. You can always see the status. Or you can go to any other app or lock it
- Works in background and with locked device
- You can listen to music and run Boxing iTimer at the same time
- Time-line progress bar shows the number of rounds and your current time
- Red color for breaks, Green color for Rounds, Orange color for Round for last 15 seconds

Simple app that does exactly what you need! I use it for all workouts from boxing to holding yoga poses.
Matt t
I use it almost every day for years, it's time I give a review.
PitPit PitPit
Best free round timer, on s20 it also works on split screen mode for music.
Elliott Foxton