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About Beacon Simulator

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon simulator.

This app transforms your Android device into a virtual BLE beacon advertiser and transmitter. You can create your own collection of beacon configurations and use them anytime, anywhere, to emulate a physical beacon.

Its purpose is essentially to help developers working on beacon software with more flexibility than with some real beacons.

Current features:

- Broadcast and advertise iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone
- Eddystone support for: URL, UID, unencrypted TLM (telemetry), EID (Ephemeral ID)
- Create, edit, manage and save your beacon configurations
- Background broadcast
- Scan of nearby beacons, copy of their configuration
- Check tool to know how many broadcast is possible on your phone
- In English and French

Android limitations:

- the MAC address is automatically managed by Android, and will change for each new EID rotation
- not possible to broadcast several different frames with a same MAC address
- broadcast capability depends on your phone, you can use the check tool to know what is possible for you

Other limitations:

- TLM data are static in time
- Scan is not a main feature of the app for now, just an helper

Permissions are for:

- bluetooth: scan, broadcast using Bluetooth
- location: unfortunately, required by Android to perform a Bluetooth scan
- internet: for log collection in case of crashes and statistics about usage

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Hi developer I need a help regarding beacon transmitting notification to other smartphone using your app but It is not displaying notifications on other mobile please help me out it's urgent for my final yea...
Ravi kumar M
Works perfectly!
Alicia Altair
Really good, best so far. Thank you. Possible to change the name of 'Eddystone URL' ?
chamcham leung