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About Nature Wallpapers 4K

Thousands of select nature wallpapers from 7Fon! All the wallpaper undergoes a strict filtering by the publication, which guarantees excellent quality of the pictures. Wallpapers are selected individually for each device. You will be presented with only nature backgrounds that will perfectly look like a wallpapers on the screen of your phone or tablet.

Check it out right now!
• More than 50.000 of selected HD & 4K nature backgrounds
• Regular catalogue renewal with manual moderation
• Image sorting by date, rating and popularity
• Image search be tags
• Support of screens of any resolution
• Function of adding to favorites for convenient access to your favorite backgrounds
• Image downloading for deterred installation
• Image saving to SD-card or to the gallery
• Image framing before installation
• Setting up of wallpapers on lock screen
• Automatic background change with the specified interval (live nature wallpapers)
• Notifications for the picture of the day and of the week
• A nice Android O styled design
• Consume minimum resources and do not run down the battery
• The application is compact, takes in minimum memory and is absolutely free

Install the lovely nature 4K backgrounds from 7Fon right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Nature Wallpapers 4K?

Nature Wallpapers 4K is an application that offers a selection of high-quality nature wallpapers for your phone or tablet.

How many nature backgrounds are available in the app?

The app offers more than 50,000 selected HD & 4K nature backgrounds.

How often is the wallpaper catalogue updated?

The wallpaper catalogue is regularly renewed with manual moderation.

Can I search for images by tags?

Yes, you can search for images by tags in the app.

Does the app support screens of any resolution?

Yes, the app supports screens of any resolution.

Can I add my favorite backgrounds to a favorites list?

Yes, you can add your favorite backgrounds to a favorites list for convenient access.

Is it possible to download images for offline installation?

Yes, you can download images for deferred installation.

Can I save the downloaded images to an SD-card or gallery?

Yes, you can save the downloaded images to an SD-card or the gallery.

Is there a feature to frame images before installation?

Yes, there is a feature to frame images before installation.

Can I set wallpapers on my lock screen?

Yes, you can set wallpapers on your lock screen.

Does the app provide automatic background change?

Yes, the app provides automatic background change with a specified interval (live nature wallpapers).

Will I receive notifications for the picture of the day and week?

Yes, you will receive notifications for the picture of the day and week.

What kind of design does the app have?

The app has a nice Android O styled design.
Awesome thanks
Anne Wanjiru Maina
These are amazing wallpapers for my electronics
Johnny Gayheart
These are very good pictures ☑
Wendy Werner
Excellent scenes that I ever seen appeared here. One scene better than the other. All are the best . Feel fresh when you look at them.
Satishchandra Maheshwaram
This has become my favorite wallpaper app. Sooo many types of beautiful scenery to choose from. Love how they took the time to create categories. Would be an outstanding app If it was live. (Background items...
Amazing app! All the wallpapers are so nice.
Gargi Bilwanikar