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About FretBuzz Chords

FretBuzz is an application for practicing chords and their inversions on guitar.

It covers:
- Triads
- Spread Triads
- Quartals: Three note chords by fourths, p4 p4, p4 #4, #4 p4.
- Shells (Freddie Green Chords)
- Drop 2 Chords
- Drop 3 Chords
- Drop 2 & 4 Chords
- Rootless Voicings (Bill Evan's A and B Form piano voicings adapted for guitar.)

All possible inversions of a chord is covered.
Triads have three inversions, seventh chords have four inversions, etc.

All possible string combinations of a chord is covered.
Triads can be played on string sets 6-5-4, 5-4-3, 4-3-2 and 3-2-1.
Drop 3 chords can be played on string sets 6-4-3-2 and 5-3-2-1, etc.

This is not a "One Million Three Hundred And Sixty Six Chords For Guitar" application.
And also this application does not have any open string chords.
Rather this application covers the basic building blocks of jazz guitar chord vocabulary.
Two chord diagrams are shown for each chord. The above chord diagram shows the chord notes while the below diagram shows the degrees within the chord. This way you can form an understanding of the structure of each chord you practice and you can use this understanding to create other chords.

The play button plays the inversions in succession - in a loop with a metronome beat - and switches the tabs/inversions accordingly so that you can practice along the app. In this mode you do not have to change the tabs/inversions manually.

You can also set the tempo of the play along. The tempo can be adjusted as low as 40 bpm, especially useful when learning new chords/shapes.

Tapping on a chord diagram plays the entire chord.
Tapping on a degree/chord note plays the individual degree/note.
I made this so that I can practice when I am away from my guitar, and also for making sure I am not playing wrong notes when practicing.

There is also a mini tutorial on how to create altered chords from basic chord shapes.

You can resize the chord diagrams for your device.
There is also a left handed option in the settings.

You can think this app as "Volume 1" of my FretBuzz Progressions app.

See you inside.

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It is an very helpful application to practice especially while you are on a trip
Attore Zeyrek
Anybody interested in jazz - look no further, this is what you need! A feature request implemented within one day - that has got to be the best possible support offered in the play store - thx a lot i am ver...
Mario Oberhaus
Been looking for a reference app for guitar drop chords with all inversions for ages. Excellent.
pmc Retro