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Red Button: don't press the button,this not a game Screenshot 0
Red Button: don't press the button,this not a game Screenshot 1
Red Button: don't press the button,this not a game Screenshot 2
Red Button: don't press the button,this not a game Screenshot 3
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About Red Button: don't press the button,this not a game

Arcade and time killer - "Red Button". An application with simple and nice graphics in a minimalist style.
Arcade is not for the weak! Not a game! In this app will you press the button! Soon you will say " Oh no button”! Didn't do with Red Button! Pleas don't touch anything.

Do not click on this red button. Why? Because it will drag you into long dialogues on various topics. You will spend a lot of time clicking on this red button. During the passage of the main plot, the button will offer you to go through some quests. There are tasks in the game: talk to the yellow foreigner button, click 100 times on the screen and many others.

will you press the button? Pleas don't touch anything!

The red button is an interesting game that works without the Internet! Weak pass this button?
The application takes up little space. And also the Button is a cool application with a good plot and a lot of tasks inside. Click and see this button games =)

Button games, is no game, it is necessary to press the button.
Looking to download when bored? The button is a casual game in which there are many difficult tasks and an interesting plot!

Press the button games! Or, pleas don't touch anything!
Long addictive plot twists and interesting quests at each stage. You can play without internet. The button is the Timekiller of the new generation, is no game.
Are you bored? This game is addictive! Click and you will stop!

Red button,don't touch,this is not a game,arcade games free,clicker games.

Didn't do with this button!

5 reasons why you should start playing right now:
1) Time killer;
2) Have fun;
3) Clear interface;
4) Interesting dialogues;
5) Difficult and entertaining tasks;

will you press the button!
A mini game to kill time. Colorful game on your smartphone!
Why do you like it?
1) Mini game, time killer;
2) Game without internet
3) Not a game

4) aaaa button

5)Oh no button

After this game you will say "oh no button ". Didn’t do if you not ready.

Time killer, do you press the button and find out if there is an end to this "not a game".
Press the button! Can you find the end in this game? There is an end ?! What is he like?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Should I press the red button?

No, please don't touch it. It's not a game and it will lead to long dialogues and time-consuming activities.

What tasks are there in the game?

The game offers various tasks such as talking to the yellow foreigner button and clicking on the screen 100 times.

Can the game be played offline?

Yes, the game can be played without internet as it works offline.

Why should I download the game?

The game is a time killer, it has a good plot with interesting dialogues, and it offers difficult and entertaining tasks.

Is the game addictive?

Yes, the game is addictive. Once you start clicking the button, you'll find it hard to stop.

What are the reasons to start playing the game?

The game serves as a time killer, offers fun, has a clear interface, interesting dialogues, and challenging tasks.

Does the game have an end?

Press the button and find out if there is an end to this "not a game". Can you discover it?

Is the game available for free?

Yes, the game is free to play. It is an arcade game and clicker game.
Super COOL
Judah Keyser
Very interesting concept. Liked it.
I pressed it... Alot
more than 7 subs challenge
Last part is so hard
Maxiee 122
Was very fun to press a button for about 99,999 times
James Adams
I fineshed the game
Marius Dabija