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About Logical Reasoning

In recruitment process of most of companies, logical reasoning is one of important parts which every qualify candidates have to prepared for. So, what is logical reasoning?

Logical reasoning is a kind of using precondition or premises to arrive at valid conclusions. When you have bad premises, you will get bad conclusions. However, if you have no idea about it or don’t know how to enhance your logical thinking skills. Don’t worry, our Logical Reasoning application is definitely what you need.

With various systematic series of logical questions, lots of useful tips and tricks, lots of practice tests from all levels which be carefully prepared for giving more effective and easier in both studying and thinking; will guide you to archive your passionate career in future.

These general critical thinking test will expand your analyzing thinking, improve solving problems abilities and help preparing yourself for competitive exams like CAT, RRB, SSC, MBA, IBPS , CSAT, SBI, SSC, AIPMT, GMAT, SAT, MAT, etc…Additionally, this testing experience is very helpful for your career tests, interviews, IQ competition or any brain challenges in future.

Logical Reasoning’s major features:
* There are 4 principal categories : Logical, Verbal, Aptitude and Test (online test, daily test, etc…).
* We offer huge collection of logical practice tests with more than 80 topics (+3200 logical reasoning question, 760 aptitude logical questions, +3200 verbal ability questions).
* Tips and tricks for each categories with in-app formulae list.
* The answers are explained immediately after you make a choice of each related question.
* Getting better results with in-app answer utility(fifty-fifty). Can even be able to see the right answer with explanations if you have not any idea.
* You can also bookmark your questions to enable quick access in future.
* Many kind of tests such as online test, daily test, etc…Particular statistics at the end of tests will be described clearly your performance, therefore, totally revealing your strength and weakness.
* Free for everyone.
* Friendly graphical user interfaces.
* You will find the dark theme toggle switch by going to Settings and just enable dark mode feature to make it work.
* No internet connection required.

This app supports difference topic Logical Reasoning:
+ Alphabet reasoning
+ Alphabet series
+ Alphabet tests
+ Analogy
+ Antonyms
+ Arithmetic signs
+ Arithmetical reasoning
+ Artificial language
+ Blood relation
+ Calendar
+ Coding and decoding
+ Decision making
+ Essential parts
+ Find the odd
+ Letter and symbol series
+ Letter series
+ Logical reasoning
+ Logical sequence of words 
+ Number sequence
+ Number Series
+ Odd letter group
+ Odd man out
+ Odd numeral
+ Odd numeral pair/group
+ Odd pair of words
+ Odd word
+ Ranking Quiz
+ Sentence completion
+ Sequence of words
+ Series completion
+ Situation reaction
+ Verbal ability
+ Verification of truth
+ Word formation
+ Brain training

This app supports difference topic Aptitude:
+ Ages
+ Area
+ Averages
+ Banker's Discount
+ Boats & Streams
+ Calendar
+ Clock
+ Compound Interest
+ Height & Distance
+ Logarithms
+ Mixtures
+ Numbers
+ Partnerships
+ Percentages
+ Permutations
+ Pipes
+ Probability
+ Profit & Loss
+ Races & Games
+ Ratio & Proportion
+ Simple Interest
+ Stocks & Shares
+ Time & Distance
+ Time & Work
+ Trains
+ True Discount
+ Volume & Surface

This app supports difference topic Verbal Ability:
+ Antonyms
+ Change of Voice
+ Closet Test
+ Complete Statement
+ Comprehension
+ Idioms & Phrases
+ Order Sentences
+ Ordering Words
+ Paragraph Formation
+ Selecting Words
+ Sentence Correction
+ Sentence Formation
+ Sentence Improvement
+ Spellings
+ Spot Errors
+ Substitute
+ Synonyms
+ Verbal Analogies

This app is very good for prepartion of entrance exams. It can also help B. El. Ed students
Awdhesh Singh
Nice but text not copi
HMaheshwari HR
Sameer Bhor