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About 7 minute abs workout - Daily Ab Workout

7 min abs home workout – is the key to the perfect body.

⭐ Get beautiful, sporty and strong abs, doing 7 min abs workout a day with a free application from mEL Sports. Virtual instructor will show you how to perform correctly and efficiently each abs exercise, and will motivate you to work more and more and to regularly perform ab-sculpting workouts.

👍 Personal trainer and instructor in your pocket, which will provide you with program of abs training at different levels of difficulty for each day, so that is enough to pay 7-10 minutes abs workout a day and you will get a beautiful and sportive body!

Application features:
✓ The virtual coach will tell you and learn how to perform effective abs and core exercises, each of which contains a detailed audio, video and text instruction;
✓ 20 most effective exercises for a perfect abs home workout, which are working at all the muscles and allow the most harmonious way to get a quick and sustainable results;
✓ You can create your own quick abs workout, set different difficulty, duration, rest time;
✓ Choose exercises in terms of their difficulty and type;
✓ Watch the process with powerful statistics system of our abs app;
✓ Get info about calories expense while doing all ab workouts.

🏅 If you are busy and have lack of time, just do quick abs in 7 minutes workouts and watch your great results. Also this app contains advanced program - 10 min abs workout, which will make great load on abs muscles. This app is appropriate for any person and it contains time-tested abs workout for women, for men and for children – just try to complete your first workout and you will see results.

Good luck!

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I haven't started yet but I know I like this app. Thanks 😊
This is the best work out app I've ever used...
Pamela Ali
Easy to use, fun and effective! Thanks ☺️
kristina grbešić
It Features A Barefoot Virtual Trainer In Teal Colored Lingerie And It Has A Series Of Sexy Moves For An Awesome Flat Tummy.
David Smalldridge
7 minutes abs workout is great if you're a beginner or regular. For a beginner its great for motivation as your done in 7 and a bit. Plus they have some great moves which I've enjoyed. I've completed all tas...
Latoya Gillies
Great little free app, give it a go
Sue Thompson