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About Xenon Moon

Xenon Moon Is An Exciting Science Fiction 3D Adventure Game. Explore, Mine, Craft, Upgrade, Fight & Solve Puzzles With Ever Increasing Difficulty.
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Adventure Awaits!
Learn to pilot your Gamma Quad vehicle across a challenging frozen terrain with countless unique crater and canyon environments. Mine for minerals, build components, craft upgrades and assist local colony outposts.

But Be Cautious!
Not all is at peace on Xenon Moon. An unknown enemy is attacking settlements and only your actions can reveal the true nature of this threat.

Follow An Intriguing Game Story!
Your brother was part of the first expeditions that ventured to the Gliese 667 star system. You have traced his footsteps to Xenon Moon where he was last heard from and found that he has left behind a series of encrypted data caches. Logs, reports and encrypted messages that when pieced together will reveal the mystery of what has happened to your brother and what is happening on Xenon Moon now.

Xenon Moon Is An Independent Game Development.
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Produced & Designed By James Bullock
Programmed & Designed By Dan Ward
3D Graphics By Angus Wallace
2D Artwork By Viktória Bodó
Music By Future Wars

Copyright (C) 2020 Daily Digital Limited

Wait what why 🤣🤣 there are no reviews lol and ohhhh my goodness this game is awesome!
Pijush Sen
this game is kinda fun you guys did a good job :)
Metal Head Maniac
Interesting game concept! The puzzles get harder & harder. The combat missions are good fun.
Jimbo B