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About CloudGuide

CloudGuide is the perfect app for tourists and culture lovers, looking for a new way to experience sightseeing. Let CloudGuide become your personal guide around the most interesting places, attractions and museums around the world such as the Eiffel Tower (France), the Sagrada Familia (Spain), Stonehenge (United Kingdom), Victoria and Albert Museum (United Kingdom), Vienna State Opera (Austria), the Museum of Science (USA), the Atomium (Belgium) and many others.

CloudGuide helps you plan your visit (choose from hundreds of museums, historical sites, parks and monuments nearby, check their opening hours and agenda, get your tickets), make it more fun (enjoy multimedia tours, professionally made audio guides and games) and cherish memories (take notes, send postcards and share the things that impressed you most with your family and friends).

Forget about downloading a new app for every museum you visit – CloudGuide unites ALL places in ONE app. And CloudGuide always tells you the REAL story of the place – all the content on the app is coming directly from the cultural heritage sites.

Download the app and choose where the next journey brings you!

Main Features:
• One app for all sites – no need to download another app for every place you visit
• Official content
• Instant access to hundreds of your favourite tourist sites and museums worldwide - over 1000 sites in 13 countries
• Small download size
• User friendly, smart design
• Offline mode
• Multimedia tours (audio, video and image galleries)
• Updated agenda of events for your favorite places
• Detailed visitor info and opening hours
• Ticketing
• Multilingual content
• Indoor and outdoor maps
• Quizzes and scavenger hunts
• Tags, favourites and notes
• Ratings and reviews
• Share on social media
• Send selfies and postcards to family and friends

Recommended travel and culture app by Time Out Magazine.

Enjoy sightseeing with CloudGuide!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CloudGuide?

CloudGuide is an app for tourists and culture lovers that serves as a personal guide to the most interesting places, attractions, and museums around the world.

What can CloudGuide help me with?

CloudGuide can help you plan your visit to museums and historical sites, provide multimedia tours and audio guides, allow you to take notes and share your experiences with others, and more.

Can I use CloudGuide for multiple places without downloading separate apps?

Yes, CloudGuide unites all places in one app, so you don't need to download a new app for every museum or site you visit.

Where can I download CloudGuide?

You can download CloudGuide from your app store or the official website.

How many tourist sites and museums are available on CloudGuide?

CloudGuide provides instant access to hundreds of tourist sites and museums worldwide, with over 1000 sites in 13 countries.

Does CloudGuide have offline mode?

Yes, CloudGuide has an offline mode, allowing you to access content even without an internet connection.

Can I purchase tickets through CloudGuide?

Yes, CloudGuide offers ticketing services for various attractions and museums.

Is CloudGuide available in multiple languages?

Yes, CloudGuide provides multilingual content for users from different countries.

What are some of the main features of CloudGuide?

Some of the main features of CloudGuide include one app for all sites, official content, multimedia tours, updated agenda of events, detailed visitor info, offline mode, and the ability to share on social media.

Has CloudGuide been recommended by any magazines?

Yes, CloudGuide has been recommended as a travel and culture app by Time Out Magazine.
there is still a void on travel apps. others dont help much. this app may influence our trips soon. waiting for turkish interesting places
fatih uslan
Fantastic ! Everything you need in one place to ensure a great visit wherever you are 😊
A Google user
This is great application. I love it so much..
Yahoo Test
Great app with detailed information about museums, galleries and more. Nice work.
Peter Small
Best experience in/out museums.
Enriqueta González
É l'applicazione perfetta per organizzare il tuo viaggio e visite museali. Raccomandata a chi ama viaggiare!!!
Miriam Bismark