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About Calculator Lock - Hide Photo,Video & Vault,Hidex

Calculator Lock is best app for hide photos and videos. Calculator Lock is provide you hide your images and videos in app. This app is a videos and photo calculator for photo lock gallery. Calculator lock gallery vault and video lock is a free gallery vault and photo calculator lock.

Calculator lock is a fantastic privacy app to hide images and lock videos. Calculator lock is provide gallery hide unlimited photos and videos. you can directly hide pictures and videos from phone gallery or sd card by sharing to gallery lock app.

Hide photo & videos: your photos and files is secretly hide in calculator gallery vault and only show you entering password.

Intruder Selfie: calculator lock is automatically take intruder selfie when someone entering wrong password.

Calculator Lock is provide
Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide
Image Gallery Vault - photo hide and video download
Manage your pictures and videos easily.
Built-in private image viewer, video player
Lock private pictures and videos with PIN or Pattern lock.

Secret Locker: You can only view your private gallery lock vault by entering correct password into smart Gallery Lock-Hide Pictures & Videos. Calendar hide is hide your personal videos and images.

Private photo vault keep your private photos and sensitive videos by encrypting them. With this photo vault, you hide photos & videos you don’t want others see.

Fake Vault: Create Fake vault with different password for storing fake photos and videos.

Video Lock and Media Vault: Keep others away from your private videos, movies in safe video vault. Create unlimited secret folders and import files

Calculator lock provide save secret note, contacts, bank ,card and other in calculator vault app. You can save your personal Contact in hide calculator vault .

Features of Hide Photos & Videos for Calculator photo vault
🎞 Hide photos, hide video under the calculator Lock
πŸ–Ό Creates a video vault that offers protection for your private videos
πŸ“Έ Hide Images, hide videos and hide any other types of files
πŸ”“ Private image vault, video vault is hidden from your recently used apps list
πŸ’» Hide photos, hide videos easily from a gallery, album or photos
😲 The hidden files (photo vault, video vault) are all encrypted in private photo and video vault
πŸ”“ Private image vault, video vault is hidden from your recently used apps list

Hide calculator is a great privacy protection application that makes it easy to hide photos and videos . this app is best gallery hide vault for hide images and private videos.

Calculator photo hide is the vault app can secretly hide photos, hide videos, and other files without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just beautiful calculator , and works very well. Intruder selfie automatically takes intruder selfie when someone tries to break in your privacy by entering wrong password.

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