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About Mana Cope

What's going to be Mana Cope?

1. Angling cards and licenses - you will be able to purchase a angling card and licensed angling site licenses (currently commencing cooperation with the lakes of lakes). Prompt and convenient submission of a copy licence report;

2. Where to go

- the place where to search for information about the waters of Latvia, here you will find out whether your watch site is public or private, or if you need a angling card or an additional license, you will find a brief description of the waters and recommendations for accessing the copes, the rules of use of the boats;

- The helm/assistant will also operate here, you will be able to go into waters with gps on and receive alerts for nature conservation areas, dangerous sites in the lake or areas where restrictions exist for fishing;

- The search will include information on fishing ¬ friendly sites - angling events, slivers, boat leases, accommodation, licence purchase sites etc.

3. The calendar of the angling - information regarding the size, number and barrier of the species of fish to be retained, calendar of fishing activities;

4. The rules of the angling - the polling legislation and the statutes of licensed angling sites, their chickers, or brief details of the relevant and explanations;

5. The Council of the angling - the section where to exchange good recommendations for the cops, both for beginners and for the prophets;

6. Mana Cope/Profile - Your user profile, where information about your purchased angling cards, licenses, you can build a fisherman's diary and keep the fishing routes from the waters where you've gone with the cope assistant, and create your calendar of fishing events.

And much more. That is why we ask your advice for Mana Cope to be your interactive assistant, not just the application. Add your suggestions to your feedback.

It should be recalled that the whole spectrum of services will not be immediately available in the first version, but it will be constantly supplemented, depending on how many lakes keepers will wish to cooperate with us.