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About Crochet App

* Mobile app crafted specially for crocheters

Most crocheters are using mobile apps to preview and store PDF patterns, count rows, track progress and check timers even without good apps on the market. It is a necessity to focus on mobile first.

* Patterns crafted specially for mobile

The new way patterns are crafted and optimized specially for mobile devices. Lowers the bar on users who can craft projects, increasing an audience that can be reached.

* Yarns and Tools Warehouse in the app

Allows users to control stock of items for crocheting, yarn stash, crochet hooks and other tools. Helps creators to make sure that materials are enough for each project. Autofill option with existing assets for even better warehouse control.

* New standards for crochet patterns

PDF s that are currently published by creators are not optimised for mobile devices. Not user friendly on mobile devices, no search, no progress, no interaction. New format solves it all, as well as expands the possibilities for crocheters on what they can create.

App features:

- Progress traceability
- Splitted by part
- Project preview
- Row counter
- Yarn list and items required
- Project & part timer
- Video / Photo in patterns
- Project completion time planner
- Pattern purchase
- Completed projects list
- PDF import & notes

* Easy to get pattern

No need to trust each seller individually. Guarantee of a purchase, refund and quality assurance from the platform. Users don't need to adjust to payment methods provided by creators, just purchase with their Google pay / Apple pay.

* Instruction are stored in the app

Many instructions are stored in different places, devices and ways. As payments happen from various sources and creators. App will allow users to have their instructions forever in the app.

* Single format for patterns

Every creator has their own style and format of created pattern, the app is built to give the best possible experience and format for the end user. It is a completely new approach to visual information, patterns, abbreviations and style of description.

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