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About Apollo Podcasts

Apollo is the home of fiction podcasts. It is the best place to discover and listen to audio fiction. Explore a library that includes ONLY fiction shows (and nothing else). Discover new audio fiction like a pro, with shows categorized by Genre (with 18 genres including drama, sci-fi, and actual play), by Format (narrator, full cast, audiobook, etc.), and by even more tags. Find your new favorite show in over 20 playlists curated by actual humans: seasoned audio drama creators and long-time fans of the medium. Updated daily with new, open-RSS fiction podcasts.

Key features (available now):
• An app 100% dedicated to fiction podcast listening and discovery
• Completely free to use; no login required
• Full-feature podcast player via open RSS
• Discover new content, catalogued by genre and format
• Shows organized seamlessly by season (less scrolling to find episode 1)
• Share audio series & specific episodes with only a few taps
• Explore new content while listening in the background
• New fiction shows added daily
• A focus on indie creators, while also including the blockbuster pods you love

Listen to Lunar Company shows ad-free (such as the award-winning series ‘Earth Eclipsed’)
Download Apollo now and help shape the future of our audio fiction community.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Apollo?

Apollo is a platform dedicated to fiction podcasts, where you can discover and listen to audio fiction shows.

What are the key features of Apollo?

The key features of Apollo include being a free app for fiction podcast listening and discovery, a full-feature podcast player, cataloguing shows by genre and format, seamless organization by season, easy sharing of series and episodes, background listening while exploring new content, daily addition of new fiction shows, and a focus on both indie creators and blockbuster pods.

How can I find new audio fiction shows on Apollo?

You can find new audio fiction shows on Apollo by exploring the library organized by genre, format, and tags. There are also over 20 playlists curated by audio drama creators and long-time fans.

Are there any costs associated with using Apollo?

No, Apollo is completely free to use and does not require any login.

Can I listen to shows from Lunar Company ad-free on Apollo?

Yes, you can listen to Lunar Company shows ad-free on Apollo, including the award-winning series 'Earth Eclipsed'.

Is Apollo regularly updated with new content?

Yes, Apollo is updated daily with new fiction podcasts, ensuring a fresh selection for listeners.

Can I download Apollo?

Yes, you can download Apollo now and become a part of the audio fiction community while helping shape its future.
What a great find for fiction podcast listening. It's been a challenge to find new audio dramas in the traditional apps and this one has so many categories for comedy, drama, mystery etc. I'm able to speed u...
A Deeter