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About Binder Reminder

It is intended for use by transgender men and other gender-nonconforming individuals, who bind their chest. If you have any questions about chest binding, here's the buzzfeed article for you:

The purpose of this app is to help people wear their chest binders the minimum amount possible, as they are somewhat dangerous to wear for extended periods of time. There is timed-based functionality which will remind you in the morning to set your binder as being on, and from that point will remind you to stretch every X number of hours and then to take off your binder after X number of hours.

I am still working on this app, and have plans for several improvements. If you have any suggestions or problems, please email me at [email protected]

Great and simple app that helped me remember to stay healthy for a good number of years, although I didn't always listen to it. Proud to say I just uninstalled since I won't need it anymore.
Casper Smith
Love this! I never keep track of time with my binder and often forget about it. The push notifications from this app have helped out my ribs and muscles more than once! One feature I kind of wish it had was ...
Such a great app. As someone who waers binders for cosplays and such, this is very helpful. I have ran into a few issues with it, but it was easy to fix it.
Hyper Glitch