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About Lovely - Video Status Maker Magically

Lovely - Video Status Maker Magically

Lovely app contains large number of short lyrical video status.
You can download any lyrical video status you like or you can create your video with your own images.
We have categorized all the videos for you so that you can easily find videos based on your life mood.

šŸ”„ Browse and download lyrical video template your like.
šŸ”„ Add your own images.
šŸ”„ Click PREVIEW button to watch your video.
šŸ”„ Click on EXPORT button to save in gallery.
šŸ”„ Use quick buttons to share on social media apps.
šŸ”„ You are done :)

Main Features :
āœ” Browse lyrical videos.
āœ” Categorized lyrical video status.
āœ” Create Lyrical Video Status with your Photo.
āœ” Download Lyrical Video Status.
āœ” Easy to share your videos on social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Video Categories :
šŸ”„ Dialogue Video Status.
šŸ”„ Punjabi Video Status.
šŸ”„ Love Video Status.
šŸ”„ Sad Video Status.
šŸ”„ Janmashtami Video Status.
šŸ”„ Mahadev Video Status.
šŸ”„ Latest Video Status.
šŸ”„ Popular Video Status.
šŸ”„ Birthday Video Status.
šŸ”„ Friendship Video Status.
šŸ”„ Party Video Status.
šŸ”„ Ganesha Video Status.
šŸ”„ Rakhi Video Status.
šŸ”„ Independence Day Video Status.
šŸ”„ Indian Video Status.

Thank You for downloading our app!!!

Lovely to video editing and most live video to this app and most use to now
Kamlesh Bhai
Nice application šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ’ÆšŸ’ÆšŸ’Æ
Sandip Giri
Wow!!!!nice video status maker app. My experience was good with this app. so great application this is nice app I really like it
Hi Raj
Wow this app is awesome. One of the best application for making status videos. I really like this app.
Susmita Shil