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About Learn Ballet

Ballet dancing has many key health and fitness benefits, in addition to those already associated with dance exercise.
The benefits of ballet include helping to develop streamlined muscle or boost body suppleness and flexibility.

Learn to dance ballet from home doing our quick daily exercises in your living room. Our online dancing classes are perfectly explained with examples in video tutorials and step by step lessons.

🩰 Barre warm up sequence to avoid injuries (Maybe "chair warm session" if you are at your home).
💪 Daily home training with full body ballet exercises. Practice of techniques or some choreography to improve your dance movements.
🥿 Advanced Techniques to avoid Ankle sprains and a lot of Ballet feet exercises at home because this discipline can cause foot damage for dancers.
🦶 Ballet exercise for legs and a lot of stretches workout to gain flexibility.

The term "ballet" originates from the Italian word "ballare" meaning "to dance".

Ballet is said to be a combination of choreography and art, people performing graceful movements with matching costumes, and usually solemn music accompanying scenic design and matching lighting.It is an artistic dance like no other, that can be used to express different emotions or to tell a story. Traditional classical ballet dance which was choreographed with elaborate costumes and staging has been replaced by the modern ballet dance styles which creates room for a variety of dance forms. Some forms include the classical, neoclassical, post-structural and contemporary ballet.

There are three golden rules, necessary for learning ballet. The rules are as follows:
- Turn out everything in your mind
- If the feet are not on the floor, they should always be pointed.
- If the legs are not bent, they should be completely stretched out.

Train every day with gentle home exercises and following our ballet classes for beginners. All the lessons online and step by step tutorials in video with images and detailed explanations will be useful to you to learn the correct posses in the choreography following the dancing movements as we indicate.

You can send any the ballet home workout to your friends or share it in the main social networks. Push the heart button on the ballet lessons videos you like more to make a personalized list of videos you like as if it were your own online ballet academy.