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About Lama Mobility - Electric Scooter Rental

Lama Mobility Scooters " Lama's " are electric kick scooters available to rent at hotels, marinas, cruise ship ports, theme parks, and college campuses. Riders are charged by the hour and are guaranteed use of the scooter without interruption allowing rides to pause and restart their ride to enjoy a meal, shop, view an attraction, etc. without concern for their scooter being scooped up by another person. Lama's Micromobility scooters are a convenient, cost-effective way to move around freely without the trouble and cost of a car, rideshare car services, or finding a parking spot.

• Download the Lama Mobility app and register
• Locate a Lama at a charging station
• Scan the Lama’s QR code
• Unplug & unlock the Lama
• Step on, press the throttle and GO....
• Pause & resume using the app
• Return the Lama to the same charging station and end the ride

• Must be 18 or older to operate.
• Never exceed one rider per scooter.
• Always hold handlebars with two hands.
• While riding, keep both feet on the footboard.
• Never press the throttle unless you are on the scooter.
• Do not hang items on the handlebars, as it may result in a loss of balance.
• Do not ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• Do not listen to headphones while riding.
• Ride in the direction of traffic
• Do not go off paved surfaces
• Follow ALL traffic laws and signage

Enjoy Your Lama Ride!
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Very cool service and scooters!
Lou Weisenbacher